The 11 Steps to a Luxury Brand: The First Practical Luxury Branding Guide in the World

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As an entrepreneur and a luxury visionary myself since 2006, I have field-tested everything is written in this book.

I view myself as a person who is always “out there”, willing to experiment and test something really well before I can pass it along to others.

It is this knowledge – breakthrough to this day since it is entrepreneurial and not just academic – that I am sharing with you through this book.

I have identified the 4 Key Secrets that are essential to every Luxury Brand and have found the 11 exact Steps to create one with your own hands and brain.

This book is about extraordinary vision, passion for excellence, artistic design. It is about controlling emotions: the contradictory emotions that turn into desires.

It will show you how you can apply Extreme Value Added to your idea and create a unique Luxury Brand that can last for decades.

But before anything, this is a book about a Call to Action: the action of creating extraordinary achievements that many people would love and feel passionate with.

Giorgos Kolliopoulos


3 reviews for The 11 Steps to a Luxury Brand: The First Practical Luxury Branding Guide in the World

  1. Amazon Customer – Verified Purchase

    This book is a must read for any entrepreneur and not only of the luxury sector.
    It awakens them to understand that a visionary is the one that achieves extraordinary value added on the long term. Never have thought of that before!

  2. Maria Spilioti – Verified Amazon Purchase

    This book is unique in the challenging world of entrepreneurs! Impressive and breathtaking, invites everyone who considers luxury to be the core of quality of life, to read it from beginning to end!

  3. Marcos (Brazil) – Verified Amazon Purchase

    Undoubtedly the best book on the step by step to creating a luxury brand. The book further presents in addition to an exceptional diagramming practical examples of companies that have already done this and shows us that we must first have the vision. The allied vision with this book will help you to understand or create a brand of luxury and all the feelings added to it!
    The book’s layout is extremely elegant bringing out one of the items to be observed in the luxury brands that is attention to detail.Well worth the reading!
    Well worth the reading!

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