Panos (Panayiotis) Chamakiotis

Regional Director EMEA (Europe, Middle East & Africa) 

Our Choices Must be Consistent with our Values

Η Σατραπεία

Τι συμφορά, ενώ είσαι καμωμένος
για τα ωραία και μεγάλα έργα
η άδικη αυτή σου η τύχη πάντα
ενθάρρυνσι κ’ επιτυχία να σε αρνείται·
να σ’ εμποδίζουν ευτελείς συνήθειες,
και μικροπρέπειες, κι αδιαφορίες.
Και τι φρικτή η μέρα που ενδίδεις,
(η μέρα που αφέθηκες κ’ ενδίδεις),
και φεύγεις οδοιπόρος για τα Σούσα,
και πηαίνεις στον μονάρχην Aρταξέρξη
που ευνοϊκά σε βάζει στην αυλή του,
και σε προσφέρει σατραπείες και τέτοια.
Και συ τα δέχεσαι με απελπισία
αυτά τα πράγματα που δεν τα θέλεις.
Άλλα ζητεί η ψυχή σου, γι’ άλλα κλαίει·
τον έπαινο του Δήμου και των Σοφιστών,
τα δύσκολα και τ’ ανεκτίμητα Εύγε·
την Aγορά, το Θέατρο, και τους Στεφάνους.
Aυτά πού θα σ’ τα δώσει ο Aρταξέρξης,
αυτά πού θα τα βρεις στη σατραπεία·
και τι ζωή χωρίς αυτά θα κάμεις. 

K.Π. Kαβάφη
Από τα Ποιήματα 1897-1933

The Satrapy

What a misfortune, although you are made
for fine and great works
this unjust fate of yours always
denies you encouragement and success;
that base customs should block you;
and pettiness and indifference.
And how terrible the day when you yield
(the day when you give up and yield),
and you leave on foot for Susa,
and you go to the monarch Artaxerxes
who favorably places you in his court,
and offers you satrapies and the like.
And you accept them with despair
these things that you do not want.
Your soul seeks other things, weeps for other things;
the praise of the public and the Sophists,
the hard-won and inestimable Well Done;
the Agora, the Theater, and the Laurels.
How can Artaxerxes give you these,
where will you find these in a satrapy;
and what life can you live without these.

Constantine P. Cavafy (1910)

Noted by
Panos (Panayiotis) Chamakiotis

Today, my choices have led me here: traveling to different countries and becoming acquainted with different cultures, while offering my Services to Agriculture and its people. An Agriculture which is at the same time the power behind nutrition and the environmental balance that local communities so need.

And it was precisely this which prompted me to express my thoughts on the opportunities and challenges that have emerged in various countries, regions, needs, and cultures under my supervision. Thus, with the valuable support of the local COMPO EXPERT organizations, we shall be able to contribute to these challenges according to our strengths.

Thank you in advance for the time you spend on this essay.


DECEMBER 2017, Barcelona

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